ÇETSA MERMER was founded in 2010 in Denizli ,Turkey. Cetsa Mermer is one of the biggest supply houses in natural stone sector by having sub-product kinds of marble and marble hardware.

Having applied innovatie prospects of sector and consumer-wise maufacture to our production framerwork and service mentality , our house has adapted itself at its best to highly competitive market by  analysing new  leverages  and  trends.
With its export volume and product quality Cetsa Mermer has proven itself both domestically and overseas and took its own place in the market.

All of our employees, including warehouse employees, sales representatives and executive team have fully-equipped educational background about their own positions.
With our daily extending client portfolio and experiences from past, we pursue the success with you, all our esteemed clients.

Our objective is to proceed our mining activites as sustainable and environmetalist with reliance, stability, quality and product range.